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The Intro Night

Participating in the Men's Inner Journey can be a life-altering experience. At the same time, a person will only get out of the experience what they're willing to put into it. This is why a person must possess a strong desire to participate. Even if they feel some resistance, if they possess the desire to participate, then resistance is only natural. For some, it's not a question of whether of desire, it's a question of when and where.  

For some, participation in the next scheduled event is a given, while for others the decision making process takes time. The Intro Night is an opportunity to learn about the MIJ experience, without feeling like you're being pressured to sign up.

During this two hour session, a facilitator will explain what you're likely to experience during the weekend, without going into great detail about the process. Taken out of context, certain processes can be misinterpreted. 

If you're interested in learning more about the MIJ experience, we recommend that you speak to someone who's been through the weekend, for an unsolicited account. You may also find it useful to watch the videos of participants giving live testimonials. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly at:  

For dates and times for the next Intro Night please check the calendar or follow us on Facebook.

If you are unable to attend and Intro Night, any one of our facilitators will be happy to meet with you person, or speak with you over the phone about the retreat. To arrange a time to speak with someone, please click here to send an email, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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Overview                  Learn More                  Intro Night                  Registering                  Testimonials

Established in 2003, the Gateway for Integrated Consciousness is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the Men's Inner Journey as a service to the community

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