Why Gay Sex Matters

A New Book by Michael Sigmann, Creator of the Men's Inner Journey

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If there’s anything that facilitating the Men’s Inner Journey for the past 20 years has taught me, it’s that gay men share a profound need for connection and that without this connection they feel lost and alone. While there are many ways for gay men to connect with each other, it’s the sexual connection that matters the most. Our lives revolve around it, our communities thrive on it, and our survival depends on it.

The question is why.

Some people think the need for gay sex is simply the need to procreate gone awry, but we as gay men know better. When people think of gay sex, they usually think of two men engaging in sexual activity. Yet for the men who actually engage in this type of sex there’s something infinitely more powerful going on than just sex between two people of the same sex. Barring any physical or psychological limitations, men who seek sexual relations with other men are sexually versatile beingsThe desire to flip, or rotate positions speaks to a third kind of sexual energy that acts as a balancing agent within the collective, sexually and socially as well.

We’ve all been taught that sex is biologically driven. But there’s a magnetic, electrically stimulating aspect of sex as suggested by the feelings it brings up. A purely biological view recognizes sex as having to do with only two positions, not three as electromagnetism dictates. According to physics, attraction has three distinct positions, the two opposite positions we see in biology (male and female), and a third neutral position, which makes it interchangeable.

Why Gay Sex Matters is a book about sex as seen through the eyes of gay men. It’s about the innate need gay men have to be sexual with each other, and the unique kind of trauma we experience when we try to suppress this need. Why Gay Sex Matters seeks to provide gay men with an explanation about sex to which they can relate. One that not only brings them into alignment with self, but one that in doing so fosters a sense of connection, not only with self but with others as well. 

Understanding Spiritual Trauma

Three Positions of Sexual Energy

Coming Out to Coming of Age

Family/Gay Son Relationship

Gay Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Homosexuality and the Gay Identity

Sex, Love and Gay Relationships

Fantasy Verses Reality

The Spirituality of Gay Sex

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