Why Gay Sex Matters

A Gay Man's Guide to Self-Discovery

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If there’s anything facilitating the Men’s Inner Journey has taught me over the years, it’s that gay men share a profound need for connection and that when they repress this need for connection, it diminishes their capacity for love. While the world is full of people to connect with, the connect gay men seek out the most, is a connection to each other. And while there are many ways for gay men to connect with each other, it's the sexual connection that matters the most.

As humans, learning how to take care of our most basic needs is a critical part of growing up. Taking care of the need for food, water and sleep are among the most critical. Also on the list of most critical is this need for connection. What we've been taught however, is that the need to connect sexually is actually a need to propagate the species. As one of the most commonly held belief in our society, without the proper education, it's concepts like these that will continue to undermine our ability to protect our LGBT youth.

Doing this kind of work, I saw how important the right kind of mentorship is to a young boy who's just figuring out that he might be gay. And because mentorship is  moment when you realize that no one has shown up to guide you, is the moment you begin to think there might be something wrong with me. thsomeone to show up and help you up who are just beginning to sense they might be gay, have no place to go need mentorship.  ment esonates with the masses, it's a concept. d for a lot of people resonate with straight people, it's problematic for gay people, by the fact that gay people don't have    a need  on However,  our hat they're not good enough, and that they'll never be good enough. the belief gay men hold about themselves, is that it's hard for gay men to believe this need they feel actually matter. On the defensive, gay men have developed a resistance to the derogatory remarks people make about them. of gay men have erected a  many parts of the world, its difficult for gay men to pursue this connection. Due to the lack of education, people who don't understand it, either don't care enough about it, or their afraid of it, . the world can be a scary place for gay men. Due to a lack of understanding, people who oppose, legalizing gay marriage is tantamount to sanctifying the homosexual act. It goes against everything they've been taught. Even if they were open to changing their minds changing they way people think about sexuality Which because of the type of education they're getting, it whenever we make progress in this area, someone's comes along who tries to take all it back.  

Working with gay men, it's clear that when they repress the need for connection, the trauma they inflict on themselves is subtle, they inadvertently inflict trauma upon themselves a unique kind of trauma associated with the repression of energy. Having spent the last 20 years developing a process designed to reignite the circulation of repressed energy, gay men are able to feel more especially when the only thing we have to prove to people how important this connection is to us, is   

struggle to make a place in this world where gay men feel safe enough to pursue this stake our claim in the world have to stake a claim to our experience, is that

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